Saturday, February 15, 2020

My last effort to work with bricks ended with a collaborative exhibition titled The Garden at the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver in 2017. It has been five years since then. I am at UBC MA, Masters of Arts in Art Education program and once again find bricks curious and intriguing. I just read a section in an article written by Willian E. Doll called the Four R's – An Alternative to Tyler's  Rationale that situate well with my return to bricks.

"In a curriculum that honors, values, uses recursion, there is no fixed beginning or ending. As Dewey has pointed out, every ending is a new beginning, every beginning emerges from a prior ending. Curriculum segments, parts, sequences are arbitrary chunks that, instead of being seen as isolated units, are seen as opportunities for reflection. In such a frame, every test, paper, journal entry can be seen not merely as the completion of one project but also as the beginning of another—to explore, discuss, inquire into both ourselves as meaning makers and into the text in question."

Doll, W. E., Jr. (2013). The fours R's –an Alternative to Tyler's Rationale. In Curriculum Studies Reader (2nd ed.).

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